Hey everyone, 

Today’s Keeping it Real post is about Karma. I chose this topic because I am so intrigued with others opinions and views on what Karma is. Growing up I have always known about Karma. It wasn’t a weird taboo topic or belief. It was more so a normal and expected belief for me. I always thought that Karma was ‘Mother Nature’ who kept tabs on everyones wrong doings. I thought that if you punched someone, you would get punched back and if you stole a piece of gum, your own gum would get stolen from you. 

It wasn’t until I reached the end of my teenage years that I realized what Karma actually was. I realized with major and minor experiences that 1). Karma is a energy force that so to speak keeps tab on what was said or done with love (right doings) and what was said or done without love ( wrong doings).  2). Karma doesn’t always come back in the same form, however it always matches with the same energy 3). You can’t escape it. 4). No one can help, mend, or block someone else’s Karma. 

Karma has to do with ALL doings. When you say or do something, you will receive Karma based on whether the saying or doing was based on love (positive energy) and or the opposite of love (negative energy). When you choose to praise someone, you are giving love therefore Karma will deliver an experience that is based on love to you. If you choose to gossip about someone, you are speaking out of the opposite of love, so your Karma will be that of opposite of love. Karma will always match the energy you put out. So if you are giving off negative energy, such as gossiping, Karma will present a negative experience for you and the same for positive energy. If positive energy is being put out, you will get it right back!

 Now say you are gossiping, and you are aware that Karma is real and it will come along but you think your Karma will come in the same form or fashion. You think that since you gossiped about someone, they will gossip about you. That is very possible but this is where you need to be careful. Karma will always come back to you in the same energy field, but sometimes it will come back in a form or fashion you don’t expect. You might be gossiping one day, and the next day you lose your wallet. One day you may physical harm someone during a heated argument and the next day you get a speeding ticket. Karma doesn’t play ‘fair’ and she sure doesn’t care to what extent she has to go. Being aware of Karma and how she delivers will always make you think twice about what you are saying and doing.  Some people believe that Karma isn’t real. I like to believe that those people who are the most afraid of it. The idea of a energy force that can’t be controlled is frightening to some so they put it out their mind. They don’t give it any thought and play the victim when negative experiences or circumstances come their way. I’m okay with those who don’t choose to believe in Karma. It’s absolutely fine to not believe in it. However, I will state that regardless if you believe it isn’t real, it is. Karma is just like, if not exactly is, the Law of Attraction. A law that some ignore but still exist whether it is accepted by the individual or not. Karma, just like the Law of Attraction always responds to energy and matches up to the same energy that is recieved. 

When you are going about your life saying and doing whatever pleases you, giving off negative or positive energy, there is a energy force that sends the same exact energy back your way. Its what creates all those opportunities and misfortunes in your everyday life. If that energy weren’t there responding to you, a lot would not have occurred in your life. There would be no blessings, miracles, and opportunities matching up with you. It would be a lot of nothing going on. Nothing to match up with and take. 

The Law of Attraction states that no one person can be the point of attraction for another person. So in other words, you can not attract something for someone else. Such as, you can’t stop someone from attracting their negative Karma. When Karma is set for an individual, it is set by them and only them. Nothing can be done for that person or by that person to stop it. A lot of people think that they can help or mend someone elses Karma and that isn’t true. Someone with negative Karmic debt can only accept it and make a conscious effort to start putting forth more energy that is based upon love so they won’t receive any or less negative Karma. 
Karma is nothing to be played with and it’s also nothing to be afraid of. Making a conscious effort to say and do things that are only based upon love will guarantee your positive Karma. If you know you have any or a lot of Karmic debt, don’t be afraid. When a negative scenario presents itself don’t be upset and/or scared. Accept it as is and allow it to pass. Whatever it is. Reacting to your Karmic debt will only create more Karmic debt. Play friends and take accountability. Release your negative emotions and fear. You only have the option to accept it, so you might as well do so. Every Karmic debt can be either a Win, Learn, or a Lose, but it’s all up to you!  

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and make a conscious effort to put forth more love so that more positive Karma can flow your way. I am always happy to read any comments so please feel free to leave one below. Have a great rest of your day(: 

                             – Kaylen Zahara 


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