Video of the Week 

Hey everyone, 

I hope you all had a really great weekend and a even better Halloween. This weekend I found a video that I watched about a year ago that had me really intrigued in learning about energy frequencies. This video is a seminar held by Christie Sheldon who is the author of Ultimate Abundance and Love and Above. Christie is an expert on intuition and one of the worlds leading energy healers. This seminar grabbed me specifically because Christie has a chart that shows you the energy frequency level that each emotion is ranked at. The information she gives behind this chart and how our words and thoughts effect our energy is very important. I hope that this video will motivate you to be more conscious of what you say, think, and feel & I ultimately hope you can be aware of the results you get from applying her advice/information. This video is a bit lengthy, however you can watch it anywhere while doing anything. Hope you enjoy (: 

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