Less Judgment, More Love. Less Complaining, More Gratitude. 

Good Morning,

I hope you all had a great nights rest and woke up with love and gratitude on your mind. Today’s topic for Keeping It Real is about how I still struggle with judgment and complaining. I choose this topic because I know so many others can relate to both judging and complaining on a daily basis. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t go a day without either judging or complaining.

 It’s pretty normal, however the effects of both actions aren’t really what I would call “wanted”. From what I know, when you judge someone else you are judging yourself, which means you aren’t giving love to others or yourself. When you are complaining, you aren’t giving gratitude to others or yourself. 

It’s very easy to spiral into a negative attitude once you begin complaining and judging. One thought turns into another and before you know it, your completely wrapped up in what I like to call bullshit. Once your wrapped up, you’ve got momentum going and energy has been put out into the Universe. Before you know it, you receive something unwanted and maybe even more of what you are complaining about or judging. 

I have a issue with being patient while on the road. I really can’t stand when others drive slow or pull into a lane I’m trying to get into so I can turn before the light turns red. What agitates me about slow drivers is that they aren’t considerate of me and my time. I consider myself a accurate driver. Someone who you can depend on to not be scared or timid on the road, and rely on getting to a destination safe and on time. So when other drivers drive slow due to them being over cautious on the road or just cruising, it boils my blood half the time. 

Before you know it, I am upset, sometime cursing, complaining about their speed or poor manuveur, and then judgment of the driver kicks in. I know it sounds terrible. It is. I seriously don’t enjoy my rants. If I could have it my way, I would never have to deal with annoying drivers.

Well that’s just it. I realized I could have it my way. I just had to come up with a technique to distract my negative thoughts that make me want to judge or complain. Playing a audio able of Abraham Hicks or Rhonda Byrne was a first great idea. However, it did not last because when in the moment of complaint or judging a driver while on the road, I wasn’t holding myself accountable. I would just blurt out my negative thought and tune out of the audio. I needed something like saying a phrase to myself while in the act. 

It wasn’t  until last week I came up with “Less Judgment, More Love” & ” Less Complaining, More Gratitude”. I came up with those two phrases in a split second while being at a stop light. I was in the momentum of shouting out my negative thought at a driver and it dawned on me what I was doing. I was unconsciously giving out the opposite of love and gratitude. I was completely not living my truth of putting forth only good.

Moments like realizing what your doing unconsciously are gems. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to grow and replace that act with something positive. So now when I am driving I use my “Less Judgment, More Love” & “Less Complaining, More Gratitude” phrases. I even use it with other scenarios that it applies to. Once I began chanting my new phrases whenever I felt like complaining or judging while on the road, I noticed I would have a better driving experience. Within just a couple days of practicing my phrases, I had less to judge and complain about. I was finally having my way. 

Even with everything I know, I still struggled with casting judgments and complaining. It’s so easy to get lost within your ego and thoughts and do things unconsciously. Being positive and aware takes a lot of effort. However the more aware and positive you are, the more conscious you are. 

The more conscious you are, the less negative energy to give off. While being conscious you hold yourself accountable for thoughts and actions. When you hold yourself accountable, that is a perfect opportunity for you to replace your negative thought or action with a positive. 

I encourage you to keep it real with yourself and see what areas in life you complain about or who you judge. Maybe it’s your family, friends, or even yourself. I advice you come up with something like a phrase or an act to correct each negative thought or action you make to keep you from spiraling into the bullshit. Take your time with it. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t perfect when it comes to being conscious. It’ll take some time. Stay consistent and don’t give up. 

I hope you guys have a great rest of your day and choose to give more love and more gratitude. 

                                 – Kaylen Zahara 

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