Would you rather win, learn, or lose?

Some say you only learn or win. I agree. Everything is either a joyful win or a beautiful lesson. However I do know that there are three key components to being a winner and a learner. So I say, you either learn, win, or lose. Why? Well because there are some people out there in this world that lack the three major components to winning and learning. So what else can you do? Lose. 

In order to win and learn, you must be 1). wise 2.) aware & 3). real. Why? Well how can you learn something when you aren’t wise enough to be aware and real enough to accept the lesson? (If you can tell me how, please do leave your explanation in the comments) If a lesson came your way and you weren’t wise enough to be aware of it and be real enough to accept it, you can only lose. The opportunity of learning will be completely missed. With not being wise, aware, and real you missed out on learning but ultimately growth which equals a loss.

How can you win if you aren’t wise enough to be aware and real with yourself about what it is you are doing in order to win? ( once again, leave your perspective in the comments below) How can you be successful without wisdom, awareness and reality of what is? Your possible win, will be lost. 

Those three components are key to either winning or learning. You cannot learn or win without those three things. If you aren’t wise, aware, and real than you are walking around aimlessly losing out on so much that can benefit you. 

It’s like being on zombie mood through out your life. Zombies are not consciously aware of anything they are doing. It’s like take the backseat versus the front seat of your life. Who is driving? Who is making sure that you are winning the race? What is ensuring that you learn something? Nothing is if you aren’t wise, aware, and real. 

Taking accountability, using past experiences to calculate your decisions, and staying present are vital to winning and learning. It’s so important that you realize that if you want to be a winner and a learner. With those three components you can guarantee that you will win and learn always. 

Taking a loss isn’t fun. What kind of experiences do you want to be known for? Winning, learning, or losing? 


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