Quote For The Weekend


In no way shape or form are we suppose to have expectations for those we love. We are suppose to love for the sake of love, not love for the sake of being loved. When you love someone, it is unconditional, never conditional. Nothing a person says or does should ever effect how you view or treat them if you love them. That is pure love that we know to be from our source (God). The loving and forgiving source that resides inside us. Think about it. Are you loving purely like the source inside you intends for you to love? If not, maybe it’s time to end that relationship you are in, or take some time to re-evaluate why you aren’t loving for the sake of love. I can assure you that loving for the sake of being loved only stems from not having enough self love. When you master self love, you will no longer look outside yourself to be pleased and loved. You will already have it and from there, you will be able to truly love someone else without it being contingent upon expectations and circumstances. 

                           – Kaylen Zahara 

2 Replies to “Quote For The Weekend”

  1. Really beautiful post! I believe this completely. This is a wonderful reminder for me on accepting and loving others for who they are. Not what my expectations of them should be. Thanks for the encouragement!

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