What’s Spirtuality All About? 

Good Evening Everyone, 

Tonight I’d like to talk about what it’s like to be spiritual and how others treat you once you claim that you are spiritual. Have you ever asked someone what being spiritual means to them? Well I have an I’ve always gotten weird answers. One person told me it means that you see spirits, another said that it means your lazy and don’t want to commit to religion, and the third answer was “don’t believe in God”. Now for some people those answers seem logical or hold truth. On my end, and I’m sure others will agree, Spiritual means that you consciously choose to balance yourself. You make a conscious effort to be aware of energy and what kind of energy you are putting out into this universe. When I first chose to claim my spirituality others around me challenged me. They expected me to be perfect. They expected me to instantly start talking different for the rest of my life and always be extremely happy and positive. Honestly, a part of me began to believe that I had to be that way constantly or I couldn’t claim my spirtuality. In the beginning it was tough. I would find myself gossiping or thinking negatively and it would crush me. I would be so hard on myself for not being perfect that I felt maybe being spiritual wasn’t for me. It would be much easier for me to stay the way I was and not be aware of my energy, thoughts, and behavior. 

It wasn’t until I read a few books by Buddhist Nun Pema Chödrön that I realized that being spiritual was all about taking the negative with the positive. Pema helped me realize that there wouldn’t be any way of appreciating or recognizing the positive if there weren’t any negative. That dawned on me. It made me hopeful and motivated me to continue my spiritual journey. I no longer continued the habit of self criticism for not being aware of my words, thoughts, and emotions. I began replacing those words, thoughts, and emotions with positivity and love. I wouldn’t waste any time apologizing. It didn’t matter as long as I corrected myself. My confidence in claiming my spirtuality was high. I finally understood that it was a process of balancing and not a journey of proving you are perfect. 

I know there are others out there that felt like I once did and who are still confused. I advice that you do your best when it comes to staying aligned with positivity and love. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you are perfect or have to be. It means that you are taking conscious effort to balance yourself and your energy. It is okay to feel negativity, it is okay to speak it, and it is okay to project it. It is going to happen but if you could just correct it and make a more conscious effort to replace it with positivity, that is all that matters. Don’t beat yourself up over not being 100% positive when you have just made the choice to begin the journey. It’s a never ending process. Each day you will be challenged to reach new heights. Each day you will be aware of more and learn more and gain more. Making mistakes is okay. Accepting your mistakes is what will teach you how to love. You are the student and the teacher. You always will be. So it’s better you recognize that now and embrace everything. Be gentle with yourself and do your absolute best. If you fall off, just make the effort to get back on. Don’t allow others to discourage you or give you grief for not being “perfect” when it comes to what you “preach”. Don’t react to that stuff. Instead, respond to it as a way to motivate yourself to get back on and progress. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great rest of your evening.💕

                                 – Kaylen Zahara   

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