Crown Chakra

Good Evening!

We are finally wrapping up our introduction to our Chakras. Tonight’s post is the last post and it is about our 7th Chakra, our Crown Chakra. This Chakra is located above the crown of your head. The wheel color is bright violet when open or strong and it when weak and closed it is a dark murky violet colored wheel. When positive energy is flowing through your Crown Chakra ( which means it is either open or strong ) you experience consciousness, enlightenment, connection to a higher power, spiritual awakening, and oneness.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.38.13 PM.png

When you have negative energy clogging up your Chakra, you are not able to experience any of those things. Being able to feel like you are connected to a higher power won’t sound logical to you. Having a sense of enlightenment or oneness with the source that created you isn’t something you can experience without having positive energy flowing. 

Now, being this is the last post, I will be providng a really awesome sight that will reveal the status of your Chakras. You will simply take a test that will ask you a series of questions for about 3 min or so. After taking the test, you will need to sign up via email and wait for your results momentarily. This site was created by Carol Tuttle who is a Master Energy Therapist. Click here for her website link Chakra Healing . 

I hope you guys enjoy this site and it leads you to awareness. It’s a very informative site and I know that you all will be able to benefit. Next post I will be giving some tips on how I have opened up my closed Chakras and how I strengthened my weak ones! Have a great day(: 

                         – Kaylen Zahara 

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