Effort is Needed

Making sure you are working towards your goals is very important. I just recently created a new list of goals for myself that match the many affirmations that I have. The reason that they match my affirmations is because I am determined to manifest them. Without putting forth some physical effort towards my affirmations my manifestation may be pro longed or not come at all. Now that might sound a little contradicting to you because I have once said that hard work isn’t necessary to manifest anything. I still stand by that statement, however, I have come to realize with much practice that the small tiny efforts you put forth towards your goal/affirmation is what speeds up the process of your manifestation. 

Your daily or maybe weekly effort is just like choosing to chant a affirmation every morning. That is effort. For some, you might have a goal to get a raise, so you set the intention and then you begin to start showing great work ethic at work by having a “I got a raise” attitude. You come into work early, stay later to make sure work is done, or do whatever it takes to show your boss you deserve that raise. To me, that isn’t hard work. That is just showing yourself that you are serious about what you are asking for and you are going to do whatever it takes to get it all while knowing that the universe is by your side aligning your manifestation. 

                    – Kaylen Zahara 

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