Everything is working out for me

Do you ever pay attention to how well things work out for you? Like how you found perfect parking at a crowded shopping plaza or how you receive money when you least expected but it was needed. Those type of instances are real moments of well being flowing into your experience. That shows that you were capable of allowing that well being to flow. How exciting that is to know! It feels like the universe actually resolves around you and nothing can stop that from happening. That feeling is what it’s suppose to be like always. You should have a constant expectation of things always working out for you no matter what comes your way. From this moment forward I challenge you to start being more aware of what goes your way. It can be as small as someone calling you to say they love you when you were down, it can be a moment of being offered In & Out burger after already telling yourself you’d love to have it for dinner. Recognize everything that is of well being and watch how much more well being will flow in.  

                            – Kaylen Zahara 


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