Spiritual Evaluation


Have you tuned into yourself and asked your self these valuable questions? If not, now is the time. It’s so important to recognize where you are with your own spiritual journey and commitment to it so that you can expand with the self knowledge you receive. These questions are great to ask each day to sort of evaluate your own energy and character. I really believe that answering these questions are truly valuable and I will tell you why. 

From experience I think it’s best to ask these questions at the end of your day. I personally do the most thinking about my own spiritual journey when I am laying in bed at night. It is a moment (sometimes hours) for me to reflect on my day and how I carried myself through it. This is where I am the most in touch with my authentic self. (that awareness behind my thoughts is my authentic self) Having these questions to answer allowed me to be honest with myself and know what I can work on. The value in self knowledge is powerful. 

Looking over this list of questions the other night added to my ritual of thinking about my true commitment to my spiritual journey. With each question I answered the answer let me know where I needed to pick up at or not in regards to committing myself. If I couldn’t answer that yes, today I gave love, then I knew it was time to start giving love. My answers were direct reflection of myself and how committed I am to being a spiritual being. That honesty and awareness of self once again, very powerful. 

Also another reason why I think this list is valuable because it made me feel a bit more organized with what’s “important” to think about at night. Instead of thinking about any fears behind my worries or self criticism, these questions felt like I was ignoring the bs and getting right down to what matters. It helped me evaluate my own mindfulness and be aware of what I am thinking about before I go to sleep. 

I won’t assume that you think the most at night before you go to sleep but if you do (just a heads up) it might give you energy and a lot of enthusiasm to get up and do something. Sometimes I’ll become so aware of something due to these questions that a new wave of “I have to write this, share this, or express this” energy takes away my once sleepy state of being. Sometimes depending on what it is, I will feel as though I must correct myself now that I am aware. 

Taking a second glance at these questions makes me want to offer another standpoint of why these particular questions seem to be so important. Let’s take the first question as an example, it is about offering peace. I believe that offering peace is a bold act of saying, “I am peaceful.” So if I could not answer yes to that question,  that would mean that I am not at peace for only a peaceful person could offer peace. That act of offering peace is so powerful because it heal and ends suffering in all cases. With that being said, I always want to strive for being a peaceful being. The healing it does is unmeasurable. 

Second question ask if you brought a smile to their face. This question is basically asking if have been exhibiting joy or maybe even love in order to have put a smile on someone’s face. Being joyful and feeling love can’t be beat. The amount of love and joy within one person is always more powerful than the anger in a thousand others. Joy brings blessings and in addition brings along healing. 

These questions are meant to dig deep within to reveal yourself to you. The value in that is enormous. Self knowledge and self awareness is essential to your spiritual journey. These questions are more than just about answering whether or not you took some action or can say yes to each one. They are direct reflections of what your energy is vibrating on. These questions are a reason to become more of what you want to be. They help you self motivate yourself to be more and give more to your spiritual journey. The value in answering these questions are powerful if you allow them to be. 

I know you all must get it by now, so I’m not going to go all the way down the list, however I will say that ultimately all these questions hold answers that are always a reflection of who you are at that given moment. I am not saying if you didn’t offer peace today, you are forever a non peaceful person. It just means that you weren’t at peace today or at some given moment and its best to try from this moment forth to be peaceful so you can offer it. These questions are more than just questions, they are the exact answer of who you are at a given moment of time. 

I hope these questions bring awareness and if you have your own questions that you go over each day, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Next post I’ll be presenting our next Chakra. Stay tuned!

                             – Kaylen Zahara 

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