Dont Let The Disapproval Disturb You

Don’t allow the perceptions and beliefs of the people closest to you disturb your journey of finding who you are. I know it can be challenging to be yourself when you live with family that doesn’t understand your philosophy yet alone could care less to even try to understand it. The judgement and expectations of what they think you need to be doing or focused on can suffocate the divine and original spirit within you. You then start a war within yourself  by comparing what your family thinks to what you think. You so badly want to be accepted, loved, supported, understood, and respected. Your urge to flow with what feels right is always there but you don’t feel secure with flowing because you’re still wanting to please those around you. That is where the suffering resides. 

It is absolutely okay for those around you to not support you or understand you. It is not okay when you allow it to affect you and how you feel about you. It’s already hard enough to make the decisions that you are faced with now. Having an internal conflict is too much baggage and the fact is, it’s a choice. Choosing to let the opinion of someone else disturb you, is a choice. It’s not a law like gravity, where what goes up must come down. Not letting someone’s opinion or perception of you bother you is another option, but it must be chosen. The first option is letting it bother you. If your choosing to let it bother you, it will be a long and uncomfortable journey trying to find yourself. Let go of the attachment of wanting to make someone close to you proud. It’s okay to not make someone proud. It’s not the end of the world and nine times out of ten, if that person who you seek approval from was on your level of perception, you’d have their approval. 


It’s not that you’re not worthy of support or love, because you’re always worthy. However, most of the time we are surrounded by people who aren’t on our level of perception. Sometimes at that time of being judged, those judging us weren’t capable of being on our level of perception to understand where we were coming from. That is no reason for you to take it personal or internalize it. Choosing to look at it that way is a huge relief and it can set you free. No longer do you have to feel like you’re the problem, the black sheep, the one who hasn’t got his/her life together. In fact, you are the one who has it together because you have come to realize that all the suffering you’ve gone through was all due to you being too concerned with what others think of you. 

Everyday that you choose to be brave and be yourself, you are choosing to have your life together. You’re aware of your greatness and accomplishments, based on your own value scale. You were not put here on this planet to please and explain yourself to others. Your sole purpose here is to be the divine unique you and share it with the world, not hide it or question it. You are here to realize that you came forth into this world already knowing how amazing you are and having faith and confidence in a joyful life. 

Now is the time to begin remembering who you truly are. It’s time to stop the pity parties or choices that make you feel small and start seeing things from a new well being state of mind. From that well being state of mind you can choose to accept that others don’t have to approve of you and choose to realize the divine spirit you are and always have been. It’s all a choice and each choice has its own path that determines how good or bad you will feel and how amazing or horrible your experiences will be. Choose the path that makes life easier for you.

                           – Kaylen Zahara 

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