Hard Work? 

Have you ever wanted something so bad but knew deep down inside that you don’t want to work for it? Yeah me too. Your not alone and honestly I believe that there is something that all of us want but don’t have because we think we have to work hard for it. In our society we are taught that we have to work hard in order to reap rewards. Well if that were so true and it would be as accurate as the laws of gravity right? If that was the case, all the labor workers in the past and now would have all the riches they’ve dreamt of. Slaves wouldn’t have been slaves for so long, for their one day of work would have automatically bought them freedom and more than fourty acres and a mule. Hardwork absolutely does not guarantee success or the rewards you wish to obtain. If it did, we wouldn’t have the war against drugs or racism anymore. Even though people in society are working so hard to stop what isn’t wanted, a end has yet to come. It’s not a matter of, “just work harder and it’ll eventually come.” Naw. Nope. Not gonna happen. The key to getting what you want is believing that you can have it. Even more so, you must eliminate all contradictory thoughts about obtaining what you want. 

Say you want to make millions of dollars, and you know you don’t want to have to work hard for it. You claim you want this amount of money so you can no longer worry, and be free to make choices without making money the object. That’s a great reason to want money, but do you believe that you can obtain it? Are you wishing for money, but still holding on to societies idea of working hard or doing something unwanted to get what’s wanted? See, that philosophy isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you aren’t seeing the possibility of obtaining millions of dollars through the law of attraction ( like attracts like ) and holding a firm belief that you can obtain those dollars without any effort other than feeling like you have millions of dollars, your chances of getting those dollars is limited or you will go through unnecessary struggle to get it. 

Applying the law of attraction will and can by law, just like gravity, bring you whatever it is you’re seeking. The important thing to grasp is, the universe can not give you something you aren’t already aligned with. In other words, you must vibrate energetically on the same frequency of what you want in order to receive what it is you want. How do you do that? Well start by choosing to feel how it would feel if you already had what your wanting. If you’re wanting millions of dollars, how would it feel if you had millions of dollars? Happy, free, relief, or joy? Whatever it is, you must feel that feeling now and envision having those millions of dollars. Having any thought or belief like “I don’t know how I’d receive that money” or “That amount is impossible to receive so I have to work hard” will keep the universe from sending those dollars to you. If you have thoughts like “I am absolutely certain that by me feeling like I have those dollars I will recieve my dollars” or “It is possible for me to recieve my dollars. My only job is to feel good and believe it” then you will recieve those dollars. 
Now let’s also get something else clear. You can not pull a fast one on the universe ( you can on yourself ) and make it a one time moment where you go “Okay I want millions of dollars, I believe it, and I feel so good about it.” even though you know deep down inside you don’t believe nothing your saying. Naw. Your bs’n. Your coming from a lackful energy standpoint. Those words won’t save you. You must do the inner work first and then your outer work will be taken care of by the Universe. The inner work is you choosing to feel and imagine that you have those dollars. If you practice this inner work each day or all day, you will make it a dominant frequency that the Universe MUST respond to. You could have your money tomorrow, but do you believe that? Do you feel amazing about having those dollars? Are you still believing that hardwork is key? The answer to those questions will let you know where you stand in regards to receiving those dollars. 

If hardwork were key, we’d all be where we’d want to be. Give all that is stated some thought. Take some time to evaluate your own beliefs about what it is you want. It’s all worth a try. Be easy. 
                             – Kaylen Zahara 

One Reply to “Hard Work? ”

  1. I Agree with a lot of what I just read. It’s crazy that I got the chance to read that because I was just literally thinking about that a couple days ago.

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