Sweet Reminder


The quote I have posted above is a sweet reminder for me to always stay present. When I am under pressure or experiencing something unwanted, I can allow my chatter inside my mind go 0-100 real quick. I start predicting the worst case scenario, my ego has mental conversations in my head about what I’m going to tell so and so how they really got me f%$!+* up! (Man, I go there still when I lose grip and attach to ego) or I begin to doubt & worry about a scenario or personal decision of mine. 

When I see quotes like these on Instagram…. It helps me get right back on track of Staying Aligned! The present moment is all that matters. I instantly allow what is going on in my mind, to be still. Then I choose to think about how grateful I am for the present moment. Even if the present moment is me being in my bed watching “Wild N Out” for giggles before bed. I just give gratitude. Nothing has to be big or extravagant for me in my present moment for me to give gratitude to. By me giving my main focus to the now and appreciating the present no matter what is going on, all that worry, chatter in my mind, or ego flexing mental convo is gone. My awareness to the present moment and choice to put my attention on it, took away all of that. So with that being said, focus on the now and use your thoughts in the now to propel you into your desired future. Be easy and take it one moment at a time! 
                              – Kaylen Zahara 

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