Sacral Chakra

Hey everybody, tonight we are jumping back into learning about our Chakras. Last week we covered the introduction of Chakras and what they are. We also covered our first Chakra, the Base/Root Chakra. Tonight we are covering our second Chakra of all 7 Chakras. 

The Second Chakra is our Sacral Chakra. 

This chakra is associated with emotions, self-worth, sexuality, open expression, being able to give and receive, and creativity. This Chakra is located where your sexual organs and bladder are. It is a bright orange wheel when it is open or strong. When this Chakra is weak or closed it is a dark murky orange colored wheel. When positive energy is flowing through your Sacral Chakra ( which means it is either open or strong ) you experience having sense of self worth, positive emotions are dominant, and you easily express yourself or allow creative juices to flow. You also have a pleasurable sex life, and/or also accepting of your sexuality, and you have a balance of giving and receiving. If negative energy is blocking this wheel ( which means no positive energy is able to flow through ) you would be experiencing the exact opposite of what it would be like to have a open or strong Sacral Chakra. 

There are many ways of clearing this Chakra. As I suggested with the first Chakra you can get some Reiki done or you can mediate and imagine a bright white light shining down on your Chakra ( sexual organs and bladder location ) and imagine it purifying your Chakra. There are also many books, sites, and YouTube videos that can show you exactly how to clear and balance this Chakra so you can have a more balanced experience. 

Next week I’ll be covering our third Chakra and once I have covered all 7 Chakras I will be revealing some really cool ways that I help balance my Chakras and an awesome Chakra Test that tells you what Chakras are either strong, open, weak, or closed. I hope you guys have a great rest of your night. Stay Tuned! 
                            – Kaylen Zahara 

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