Tonight is a Full BLUE Moon! Time to Release and Let Go! 

How exciting! Tonight is a Full Blue Moon! You know what this means! Well maybe you don’t. Okay, so a Full Moon, to those who are more spiritual than others, is a opportunity to release or let go of mental blocks, attitudes, addictions, etc. It is a night of writing down a list of things or maybe even people whom you would like to release from your life. 

Tonight just so happens to be a Full Blue Moon, because it is the second time a Full Moon is occurring this month. It is not blue and this moon won’t occur again until 2018. Tonight is a night to experience something you only do every “Blue Moon”. Tonight is also a night of reflecting on this past month and coming to either staying on the same path or go along with once in a lifetime chances and start new. The significance of this moon brings forth the opportunity of unlimited possibilities. So as you release tonight for the sake of it being a Full Moon, also hold on to what you have been working all this year or the past couple years on manifesting into your life for the sake of it being a Full Blue Moon. This just might be your breakthrough! 

If you missed the first Full Moon this month, you have another chance tonight to release and also reflect on making some changes. The ritual of releasing goes a little something like this… 

1. Pick a time and place to do your ritual. Maybe on the balcony, in a candle lit room, or anywhere outside where you can directly see the moon. 

2. Take a piece of paper and make your list of things you’d like to let go or release. 

3. If you believe in any Angels, or maybe a spiritual figure, call upon them to be beside you as you do this ritual.

4. Make a statement, that you feel is your intent of doing this ritual. Such as, ” I come forth to release all that is on this list.” 

5. Set your list on fire and allow it to burn until it’s in ashes. Please do this responsibly and carefully. Remove or ashes or be sure to clean up after you have done your ritual. 

6. Carry on after the ritual with the belief and faith that everything on that list is now being removed from you or your life. 

I have done this ritual many times and I always hold the belief that each thing on my list has been removed. If you don’t have a list of things, it’s okay to only present one or however many you may have. Just have faith in what you are doing and move forward. When the next full moon comes around, be sure to do another ritual. 

If you have any stories or other cool rituals to share for the Full Moon, please leave them below in the comments! (: Also if you know more about the Full Blue Moon, please share. 

                         – Kaylen Zahara 

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