Chakra Introduction 

Hello everyone,

I am posting tonight from my best friends home in Las Vegas. I felt it was time for me to come back out to my second home state and have some fun and celebrate life. So far, the celebration has been real. I have met some great people and carried on with a great sense of gratitude, along with manifesting abundance even in the smallest instances. 

Tonight’s subject is about Chakras. Some of you may know all about it, little, or none of the sort. Being Vegas is a like being in a melting pot. You have all different ethnicities and cultures around you and individually each person carries their own energy. Whenever I am in Vegas, I have to remind myself to be very conscious of my own energy and be sure to cleanse myself. 

Chakras are known to be 7 valves that allow energy in or out of the human body. Theses 7 energy valves are what regulates the function of our bodies. This invisible energy, is called Prana. Prana is vital life force that keeps us healthy and alive. When you think of a Chakra, think of a spinning wheel. It’s orgin name is Sankrit, and it means wheel or disk. Having open and strong chakras, means you are allowing positive energy to flow through your body. Having a weak or closed chakra means you have stagnant and negative energy blocking positive energy to flow through. Each chakra deals with a specific aspect of your life and in order to succeed in those areas, you must have strong and open chakras for the positive energy to flow. Tonight I going to cover your Base/Root Chakra. 

The first Chakra is your Base/Root Chakra

This Chakra deals with survival and stability such as money, shelter, and feeling grounded. The Location of this Chakra is at the base of your spine in the tailbone area. 

However you feel about your security and survival in life will let you know if you have a weak or strong Base/Root Chakra. If your always worried about money or feeling insecure about your future and survival, you have either a weak or closed Chakra.  When you are confident about your future, money, and survival, you have either a open or strong Chakra. The severity of being either weak or closed and open or strong is upon how strong your energy is behind either feeling secure or insecure about either one of those topics. When you have a open or strong Base/Root Chakra, it is a pretty bright red color. When your Chakra is closed or weak, it is a dark and dull shade of red. 


There are many ways of clearing this Chakra. You can get some Reiki done or you can mediate and imagine a bright white light shining down on your Chakra ( at the base of your spine ) and imagine it purifying your Chakra. There are also many books, sites, and YouTube videos that can show you exactly how to clear and balance this Chakra so you can have a more balanced experience it’s your survival and material manifestations such as money. 

My next post will be about your second Chakra. In the mean time while you wait for my next post, ask yourself some questions about whether you think your Base/Root Chakra is closed, weak, open, or strong. Take a close look at how you feel about money and whether your secure with your future or afraid of it. After I have posted about all 7 Chakras, I will be revealing the website that will tell you where you are with each Chakra. Stay Tuned! 

                          – Kaylen Zahara 

4 Replies to “Chakra Introduction ”

  1. How do I change that about myself I have notice after reading this a lot of similarities. I am a Scorpio which I understand you are and I definitely do struggle being a Scorpio because a lot does come with being a Scorpio. I do find myself lacking confidence and being able to clear my mind

    1. If you go to my last post titled “Chakra Links” and scroll to the bottom, I have listed a site that will let you know what Chakras you need to work on & how. You can also google and Youtube how to open or strengthen chakras.

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