Creation Process

Some of you might be struggling with knowing how to manifest things into your life, so today I chose to post about The Creation Process. It is super easy to understand and apply. I want to refresh your memory on how the law of attraction works before we jump into the steps of this process. 

The law of attraction is the term that is given to  New Age philosophy that like attracts like. This philosophy sums up that if a person focuses on positive or negative they can bring positive or negative circumstances into their life. When you focus on negative thoughts, you are summoning a negative experience to occur. When you focus on positive thoughts you are summoning a positive experience to occur. Your thoughts, just like everything is energy. The law of attraction is based off responding to energy. Whatever energy you put forth, you get back in return. 

– Now that we have refreshed our memory, let’s take a look at the Creation Process. – 

The first step to of this process is: 


Imagine your desire. Imagine having it, being with it, or doing it. Use your mind to imagine on focus on your desire. 

The second step of this process is: 


Feel your desire. As you are imagining, feel the love, joy, and excitement for your desire. Feel as if you already have your desire. Feel that you already are your desire. Feel that you are already with your desire. Feel it and harness the feeling for as long as you possibly can. 

The third step of this process is: 


Allow yourself to recieve your desires. This step takes no action or effort on your part. The universe will use people and circumstance to deliver your desire right to you. 

This all might seem too simple to be true but it is truly all you need to do in order to manifest your desires. If you can conceive it, than you can achieve it. It is completely up to you. The more passionate you feel about your desire, the more you can summon it to you. You can not manifest a desire without having a burning desire for it. You must truly feel for it in order to recieve it. The feeling must be strong enough for the desire to reach you. If the desire for having it isn’t that strong, the desire will always be out of reach. That is why the second step of this process is important. 

Do your best with the process. Take you time with it and have faith. 

                          – Kaylen Zahara 

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