Today Creates Your Tomorrow 

How we live today is what determines our future. How we feel today is what determines how our future will be. You have the opportunity to make your future amazing by feeling amazing today. I know it seems logical to think about the future, and there is no problem in doing so, however, it’s most important to focus on the present moment for it is the bases for your future. 

Missing out on the importance of the present moment is critical. If your not aware of how you are feeling now, you are putting yourself in a not so good position for the future. In order to have that awesome future you must be aware of how your feeling now. For now is what counts for the future. Feeling awesome and grateful now is what will bring you that awesome future. 

Energy doesn’t lie and the Universe can only bring what you vibrate on. Today is the day to start adding towards your future in a more positive way by choosing to feel good now. No matter what is going on, in your life or your mind, please do yourself the favor of choosing to only focus on things that make you feel good. 

A great technique I use when I want to change how I am feeling is asking myself “how do I want to feel five years from now?” My answer is usually peaceful, relieved, rich, and joyful. I then think of what it is like to feel peaceful or joyful. When I think of peace I remember back when I once felt peaceful. I channel that feeling and hold it for as long as I can (17 seconds or more is powerful). Before I know it, peace has instantly entered my present moment and that means it’s added to my future. It’s that’s easy! 

Imagine how positive your future would be if you felt amazing today and everyday after today & chose to only hold amazing thoughts in your mind. You wouldn’t have not one worry or thing to complain about in your future for your choice and consistency with feeling amazing would be so dominate that the Universe would have no choice but to give you an amazing experience each day! 

So, what are you going to do right now to make sure that your choosing the best future for yourself? I hope you choose to let whatever negative thoughts and emotions you have go, and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings! You deserve an amazing future! It’s your divine right! 

                          – Kaylen Zahara 

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