Don’t Give Up!

I remember just eight months ago I was desperate for a change in my life. I was living on my own, had steady money coming in, and a few published photos of myself in magazines. To any other young aspiring model that might just sound like the life. However for me, it just wasn’t enough. I needed more. I wanted to upgrade my apartment, make more money, and work with new photographers outside of my city. I am just one of those girls that gets bored really quick when I have met goals. I need new ones!

I remember sitting down in my living room by my fireplace that I never used, (wasn’t going to pay a high gas bill for nobody, not even myself) and writing down all my new wants and goals. After writing each thing down, I read them back to myself and asked why I wanted them. When you ask yourself why you want something it allows you to feel emotion and gratitude which is key to manifesting the very thing you want. So with each want I read back to myself I asked why, and felt a great sense of gratitude and positive emotion. It was from those positive emotions I could imagine myself already having each want. When I imagined each thing I wanted, a wave of new fresh energy came over me. I felt like I deserved each thing on that list I made. As if my very existence was meant to have it. Therefore it was much easier to believe I could achieve each desire.

Weeks go by after this one night of writing down my list and no changes in my life seem to have come about. Alright so now I’m pissed. Not pissed at the Universe but at myself for not giving enough energy to manifest quickly enough. So I told myself, no television or any distraction of any sort until I start to see a shift in my reality. My anger gave me a burning desire to add more energy and belief in what it is I said I knew I deserved. For one month I dedicated my every single awake moment to reading about releasing old habits, fears, and beliefs. I knew I had to come up with some new material for my subconscious mind to take me serious about change. I read books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I also re-read my favorite book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay. I even did my twenty eight day process with Rhonda Byrne with her book “The Magic”. The books I read truly did not stop there. I was determined to understand new teachings and beliefs so that I could adopt them and raise my subconscious and vibrations to a new level. I wanted to enter a higher level of success than ever before.

Once I felt like I had enough information and knowledge on how to make a shift in my reality, I simply let go. Literally. I went back to enjoying my sitcoms and smoking weed on my balcony when it rained. I knew it was time for me to prove to myself that I trust all that I know, and I trust that without effort I would put all I knew to use. I no longer needed to read on how, I just needed to make the change. So with each following day I continued to live my daily routine with more gratitude. I decided to come up with one affirmation for myself to chant that would sum up everything I wanted. That chant fell into my lap just a couple hours after declaring I would make one for myself. I logged onto instagram on my phone and there it was, “I have entered a highly new successful stage in my life.” That was going to be the mantra for me to chant into each day until a true shift came into my life.

It wasn’t until two months after affirming that mantra day in and out, that a shift happened. Now three weeks prior to me realizing the shift, to say the least, I was worried that my lifestyle was coming to a END! Have mercy on me, it was like everything I had going for myself was crumbling. My connections with photographers, my apartment, my money flow, I mean EVERYTHING. I was freaking out on the inside and then one night it dawned on me.. This is your shift girl! Why are you freaking out? Things must fall apart for new things to come together!!! Duh! Hello! So with that one lovely epiphany, I got back on my high horse and practiced my faith in trusting the Universe.

Well, and here I am! I am living back in my beautiful home state California, which was one of my wants. I have upgraded my apartment from a okay apartment to a luxury apartment. I have made connections with new quality photographers and gotten great work. My money flow is nothing short of amazing and I am making more than ever before. The best part of this all is, even with all my requests being answered, I received one that I didn’t put on my list, and that is finding out what my purpose is.

In just three months of me choosing to make a change in my life, it all happened. My old situation had to crumble in order for my new situation to come about. Thats all it took for me to enter a highly new successful stage in my life. See, in the midst of me watching everything I worked “hard” for crumble, I did not fold. I reminded myself of all I knew to be true and I held on to my faith in myself and the Universe. If I had not, my worried and fearful energy would have knocked all my request right out of my reach and my shift would have been for nothing. But a valuable lesson. I can not stress it enough to those who are wanting change, but don’t know how to face it when its ready for you, that you must not back down. You must stay firm in all that you know and have faith for the Universe only operates on energy. Being worried, afraid, doubtful, and fearful are sure ways to stay just where you are or even worse, bring more of what you don’t want.

Do your absolute best to stay positive and remain vibrating on positive energy. Take walks when you can’t seem to get your mind off those worried thoughts. Take that time during that walk to focus your mind on things that bring you bliss or joy. Even if its just the pretty pink flowers you see in your neighbors yard, or the thought of your best friends recent text message where she shared her funny story about her day at work. Whatever it is, just let it be something positive to focus on. Meditate. Sit quietly, either focus on your in or out breath or meditate on what it is you’d like to affirm. Meditation was always powerful technique for me. It helped me center myself whenever I felt doubt or fear. You can also write down things you are grateful for right now. This always helps to shift your energy from a negative to a positive. List the things you love and/or all the things that have worked out in your favor lately.

Whatever it is you do, follow through and don’t give up because you are so deserving of all the things you desire. It is your divine right to manifest them, however it is all up to you to be able to match your desires energy and believe that they are yours to have. I am so very proud of myself for not giving up on myself an trusting the Universe. For it has strengthened my character and given me more insight to how powerful I really am. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it!

What are some ways that you guys keep yourself focus on positivity and how do you keep your faith strong?

                       – Kaylen Zahara 

2 Replies to “Don’t Give Up!”

  1. I think it’s important to give yourself a pep talk every morning. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how great your are. How you are different and you are worth it. And nobody can do it the way you do it 😊

    1. I believe that is very true! I also have a pep talk with myself in the mirror and I also have uplifting affirmations taped to my mirror so I can read them when I get ready in the morning!

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