Sometimes it is easy for us to not notice how truly accomplished we are. The everyday routine of things to do or mental chatter of worries and fears can keep us from reminding ourselves how far we have come. 

I always do my best to remind myself of how far I have become because of my fear of regressing pops up here and there when I am challenged with a new task. 

Whenever I am feeling fear, I mediate on what I am feeling and then I wrote down everything I have accomplished within the past 6 months or less. When I write down all that I have accomplished, even the small stuff even like washing my car, a new wave of energy comes over me. It’s the energy of Gratitude. 

Writing down and looking at all you have accomplished on paper is very powerful. You’ll truly see how much you have done and how much you are doing enough. It will give you a reason to let go of worry and fear, and choose to be grateful for all that has been accomplished. This type of energy will bring more things to be grateful for and more accomplishments. 

What are some things you have accomplished lately? 

                           – Kaylen Zahara 

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