Sleepless Nights

For a couple weeks now my sleep pattern has changed. I have had this change of sleep pattern in the recent past when I was going through a shift in my reality. It was referred to a Spirtual Awakening. These past couple nights I’ve been asking myself if I should be worried about these late night/early mornings that have me sleeping until the afternoon. So I googled the meaning of sleepless nights in the Spirtual world and I came across a great blog. Apparently, I am downloading new energies and data for a new shift. This blog really made me feel more confident in not judging myself for staying up so late with no true intent. I can now feel more relaxed and confident in knowing that this is apart of my journey and needed. I assume it has to do with the new affirmation ritual I have been doing for about two months now. (That I will share with you.) My subconscious is programming the data I’ve been feeding it. I am really thrilled. It adds on to my faith and consistency in all that I do.

 “Too many people think that the nights only are for sleep. When they can’t sleep at night, they starts getting second thoughts, and thinks that their lives are going badly. The nights are used incorrectly. The sleepless people should instead hear some music, drink a cup of hot cocoa, look at a picture of their family/friends and think about how good a life they’re having. I love those long sleepless nights, and i think that people shall change their views on them and start enjoying them. In an ordinary human life are you sleeping in 26 years of it, which means that you approximately are sleeping 1/3 of your life away. Appreciate the nights, appreciate the moonlight and appreciate your life.” – unknown

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