Pay Attention To The Signs

The signs are everywhere. Your energy is bringing about signs all around you that let you know what your energy is vibrating on. Pay attention to how you feel when you come to recognize signs around you. If you see something often that gives you a negative emotion that is an indicator that your energy is vibrating on that sign that brings you a feeling of fear or anxiety. That is something to rejoice in. Why? Since your now aware of the signs, you can make the choice to change your energy before it manifest. You may be afraid that what your seeing is coming quickly due to how strong you feel about it, but don’t fret. Allow yourself to make peace with what your feeling so you can slow the momentum. It’s better to crash into a wall at 20mph versus 70mph. If your ability to change your energy and raise your vibrations are strong enough, you can ultimately change the outcome all together. You can completely vibrate on a new frequency that matches something more desirable. It is truly all up to you. Life is not just happening to you. With knowing that, it is best to make a conscious effort to be aware in your everyday life. Don’t be so afraid when you realize you are in the process of attracting negative circumstance. Be grateful that your aware and take the necessary steps to change your energy. 

The best ways to change your energy and feelings towards something you may not want to manifest is by making peace with what you’ve been vibrating on. If your fearful of what your vibrating on, meditate on it. Ask why your afraid? Is it really that big a deal to fear? If so, How can you make friends with this fear? Create positive affirmations on the fear or situation. Repeat them in the mirror, in your mind, or aloud until you feel yourself resonate with them. Until you feel that fear release itself.

Another great way to change your energy is to think of other thoughts that will make you feel good. By instantly doing so, you have chosen a new energy. Keep that up, and it will be a dominate energy for you and by law your once old unwanted energy will be replaced and signs of your new energy will appear. 

                         – Kaylen Zahara 

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