Change Your Reality

Your reality is a bases of the frequency of energy you vibrate on. If you do not enjoy your reality it is time to vibrate on a new improved frequency. If you are struggling with finances or creativity, your reality can not be one of prosperity and creative juices flowing. Your reality is something of not having enough, and creativity is no where to be found. 

It is very easy to change your reality. The first step is telling a new story. Instead of confirming your reality, choose to speak of and think of a new improved reality that you would like. The telling of this new improved story is choosing to vibrate on a new energy frequency. 

The second step is choosing to be grateful for what you do have in your reality. Things could be worse for you could be vibrating on a even lower energy tha could bring a even “worse” reality. Take time out to appreciate your home, car, neighbors, food, nature, your ability to cook, clean, sing, dance, laugh, and shower. Whatever it is, you can truly find something to be thankful for. 

With both steps, over time, you will see your reality start to shift. Some things will crumble, something’s will start to become stronger. No matter, any sign of change is good. Stay faithful and consistent. It’s important that you believe in what your affirming and thinking. You have to remember everything is a energy so if your being sarcastic or phony about your affirming, the Universe will pick up on that energy and you won’t reap any benefits. 

                           – Kaylen Zahara 

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